Battlefield Friends is a series of animated shorts set in the game world of Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. It chronicles the misadventures of four friends and squadmembers, embodying the four soldier classes available in the games. The series often comically attacks/parodies player trends and game mechanics, such as spawnkilling, buggy bipods, Closet Colonels, etc.


The series follows four players-a medic, an engineer, a sniper, and a noob. The series incorporates surreal humor mixed with cartoon comedy gags.


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The first character is the Engineer with the class of the same name. He is known to get the most aggravated at the Noob. Doraleous Neebs Appsro Thick Simon


Battlefield Friends became one of the most highest-rated animated series on the internet. The series was extremely well received by Battlefield fans.