BFFs - Boosting (Season 5E11)
Season 5, Episode 11
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BFFs - Boosting (Season 5E11)
Air date Oct 17, 2015
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Plot Edit

The Professional joins the rest of the cast in Battlefield: Hardline without reading the server information that the game is intended to boost cash levels, and no one is to fire a weapon or kill. In an interesting contrast (especially to the episode LevelCap), The Noob is actually the one in on the what the server is and what the rest of the BFFs are doing, and it's The Professional that unwittingly breaks the flow by just "playing the game"

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BFFs - Boosting (Season 5E11)

BFFs - Boosting (Season 5E11)

Quotes Edit

It's what you're supposed to do.. I- I'm just playing the game!

–The Professional, confused about why he's getting berated for firing some shots


–The Mechanic, responding to Professional calling him out on the choice of server

Trivia Edit

  • Noob is attempting to save up for a Dino Mask.