BFFs - Chat Fight (Season S6E14)
Season 6, Episode 14
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BFFs - Chat Fight (Season S6E14)
Air date Dec 31, 2016
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The Engineer gets distracted by some trash talking in the chat box. Instead of ignoring it, it fuels his rage, and inadvertently introduces The Noob to the feature which opens up his eyes to a whole other world of people to annoy.

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BFFs - Chat Fight (Season S6E14)

BFFs - Chat Fight (Season S6E14)

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Eh Engineer, is that guy sassin' you in the chat about usin' Shotguns? Yeah I read that. I would tell him if they didn't want shotguns, they wouldn't put them in the game. And then.. like... "Bucko!".

I'mma type that right now..

–Old Soldier

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