Closet Colonel (Character)
"No I am level 3, let's play the game..."
Vital statistics
Class Engineer and Assault/Medic
Gender Male
Team US/RU
Status Alive
Friends Possibly none
Enemies The Medic and The Sniper

The Closet Colonel is a level 100 colonel, however unlike the first level 100 colonel, he is ashamed of his devotion to Battlefield because it gets him picked on by other players. He has so far appeared in the episode "Closet Colonel" where his welcomed to the squad, and using questions based on information given by the other colonel, and eventually revealed he has logged over 3000 hours of gameplay. After the credits, he is seen as an enemy and kills both the Sniper and Medic, the latter of which call him a loser. 


  • The character is a take on the trend in BF3 of Level 100 Colonels creating new accounts or resetting their stats in order to play from Level 1 again, either for the replay value or out of fear of being criticised for being Level 100.
  • He is the only known character to change classes multiple times in one episode: He started as a engineer, then swapped with the medic to revive the said medic and sniper, and was an enemy after the credits. 
  • Like the first Colonel, he has no girlfriend, no job, hasn't had sex, and has a shit bucket, but lacks the serious attitude.
  • He states he has logged over 3000 hours, 3000 hours is 125 days. 125 days is roughly 18 weeks, 18 weeks is a little over 4 months, 4 months is a third of a year. So he has played at least 1/3 a years of Battlefield.
    • Or if you divide 365,25 (the length of a year in 24 hours) by 125 you will get 29,22% of a year. Which is about 3 tenths of a year.
  • For some reason, The Medic and Sniper don't treat him with the same respect as The level 100 colonel.
  • He Also seems to have somewhat of a Canadian Accent.