Noob 2
Vital statistics
Class Support, Engineer (Killed By Admin)
Gender Male
Team US/RU
Status Alive
Friends The Noob
Enemies The Noob (briefly; opposite team)
Voice Actor Bryan Mahoney
Another noob player aside from The Noob, referred to as "Simon Belmont" for repeatedly calling objective D "Dracula", is a recurring character in the series. He first appeared in "Mine Games", where he and layed down mines in front of their jeep, and shoots at both the Recon and the Engineer with his MG, not realizing that they're in his squad and thus, don't take any friendly-fire damage.

He reappears in "Campers" in Season 2, where he camps on a mountain in what looks like Bandar Desert/Operation Firestorm while several Russian Support soldiers and the bunny sniper lay C4 and claymores behind them, and even resorted to tea-bag them. However, as Simon lays a pack of C4 and detonates it, it sets off the C4 and claymores behind them, resulting in a multi-kill. Interestingly though, both Simon and the Noob survive the explosion.

He also appeared in "Noob Fight", where Simon, who is on the Russian team, fights the Noob. It is clear that both players have a bad skill level, as they missed every shot with their M249s and handguns, and resort to trying to knife each other but each after they ran out of ammo. But they each only stood in one place, outside of range of each other, swinging their knives. However, Simon is killed by a claymore set down by the Noob when finally tries to approach the Noob to knife him. He is accused of 'hacking' by the Noob due to the amount of time taken to kill him. In his appearance in Little Bird Battle, he and the Noob are seen putting C4 on bikes. He manages to beat the Colonel to destroying a scout helicopter by kamikazeing his bike into it.


  • In "Noob Fight", it is revealed that Simon is a Battlefield 3: Premium player, as he is shown wielding an ACB-90 while the Noob uses the standard M9 Bayonet.
  • His gamertag is "Simon_B"
  • In Season 2 Episode Campers, at the 2 min 50 sec mark,  the engineer calls him "Simon Belmont", which is a refrence to the main character of the Castlevania game series.
    • This reference is timed perfectly as Simon recently stated he wanted do go to the Delta point, but called it "Dracula" due to his stupidity
  • His weapon of choice in Battlefield 3 is the M4A1 Carbine. His Battlefield 4 weapon is actually the burst fire M4.
  • It seems that Simon has a majority of the Carbines unlocked in BF4, as the M4 is one of the later weapons unlocked in the game.
  • Simon has destroyed helicopters on two occasions. He destroyed one with a dirt bike in Little Bird Battle and another with an LAV in Dice Camo.
  • In Killed By Admin, he gets switched to the other team for trying to repair an oil tanker.
  • In Underwater, he tries to use a RAWR, but he ends up drowning it.
  • In Missile Truck, it is revealed he doesn't know how the parachute works.