Oh, the last time I checked my credit, I could do whatever the fuck I want! BAN!

–The Administrator to The Engineer before banning him

The Administrator
"Switch switch boom!"
Vital statistics
Class Engineer
Gender Male
Team US
Status Alive
Friends The Noob
Enemies Everyone (except for The Noob)
Voice Actor Matthew Warzel

The Server Administrator from the episode "Administrator" is portrayed as an Engineer with an impressive mustache and Southern accent.

Personality Edit

The Administrator is a cocky, unfair and easy-to-dislike player, he indulges in abusing his rights as the admin of the server he paid for. He bans players from his server for using weapons he thinks are overpowered (such as shotguns), for doing bad on his team, for being on the opposite team and doing better than him and his team, or simply annoy him. He also switches good players from the opposite team to his, exchanging them for the noobs on his team. Like The Noob, The Administrator is shown to be to be quite unintelligent and arrogant, he thinks that the dropping number of players in the opposite team of his server are a sign that they are retreating, when they are in fact fed up with him. He also reminds The Engineer and The Medic not to forget to favor his server, to which the Engineer replied that he would've "rather favored a dead skunk's bleeding asshole."


  • The Administrator's character is a nod to players on Battlefield servers who often abuse their rights as the servers' administrators.
  • His act of banning players because they're better than him in the episode "Administrator" is a reference to the pile of complaints by players who reported themselves being banned from several servers because they either killed the admin, are better than them, or has killed the admin multiple times.
  • Similarly, in "Killed by Admin". his act of switching better players over to his team and keeping the weaker players on the other is known as "teamstacking", a form of server abuse where the admin puts all the best players on his team and keeps the weaker players on the other team, guaranteeing that the admin's team would win.
  • He is credited as "Director" on IMDB.
  • He seems to look like the medic from Battlefield Bad Company 2 on the U.S. side.