BFFs- USAS-12+Frags (Season 1E3)
Season 1, Episode 3
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BFFs- USAS-12+Frags (Season 1E3)
Air date Mar 30, 2012
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Silent Sniper

 Plot Edit

The Engineer becomes drunk with power once in possession of an OP (Over Powered) weapon

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BFFs- USAS-12+Frags (Season 1E3)

BFFs- USAS-12+Frags (Season 1E3)

Quotes Edit

It's like Chinese new year, c'mon, ya kidding me?

–The Sniper, responding to The Noob's pistol light

It's year of the shut the fuck up.

–The Sniper, after The Noob asks what Zodiac sign the current year is

Trivia Edit

  • As we learn, The Engineer can be a bit of an elitist, claiming OP weapons to be for "pussies", up until he gets his own hands on one and then it's "awesome"